NCO Financial

NCO Financial Systems, Inc. is an international debt collection agency that works with creditors around the world. They have more than 100 offices located throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. As a debt collection agency, they provide debt collection services to creditors who need assistance recovering debt from consumers. NCO Financial Systems, Inc. handles the debt collection efforts of businesses in a variety of markets. Creditors are more commonly from the mortgage lending, loan, healthcare and utility markets.

The debt recovery process begins when the debt collection agency contacts consumers who may owe debt. Consumers are contacted through debt collection telephone calls and letters in the mail. The debt collection agency contacts consumers in order to educate them about the debt collection process and help them find effective ways to manage debt. Representatives discuss debt management tips and payment options with consumers. For more than 80 years, NCO Financial Systems, Inc. has helped consumers and creditors manage, even resolve debt issues.

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