Discover The Secrets Of Single Female Travel

September 3, 2011

Single female travel is constantly on the increase, with many women feeling the desire to explore new places independently. Travelling by yourself can be very rewarding, and these tips will help you to make the most out of your adventure.

Single Female Travel Use Caution

July 7, 2011

For many ladies, traveling with a partner can be more of a hassle than it is worth and some women prefer the single female travel. That is when they should know about the risks that they are taking. Some of those include harm to themselves or others. However, by taking the proper steps, it can be easy to stop these from happening to them. Some of those precautionary measures include looking for the nearest police stations, carrying something other than a purse, protecting the identity of where they are staying, and even not inviting strangers into the room.

What You Can Find In Books On Solo Travel

May 28, 2011

Planning a trip alone can be an intimidating prospect. However, with proper planning, traveling by yourself can be an exhilarating and empowering experience. This is one of the reasons it is important to find books on solo travel. If you plan ahead with the right literature, you can create a satisfying and full schedule. Here are some of the ways that travel guides can help when you’re vacationing alone:

Total Guide To The Politics Of Formentera

May 19, 2010

People who live and work on Formentera know that is political landscape is shaped by Catalonia, and that the Catalan market is shaped by Spain. So this , then you will notice that it is a country that is undergoing significant changes. This is illustrated in the political system in the way that the centralist state has been replaced with a series of autonomous communities that have a significant role in major decisions. Spain’s membership of the European Union has led to changes too, with an influx of immigrants from various ethnicities.

Spain: All The Facts

April 9, 2010

Central Spain, Mediterranean Spain, Atlantic Spain, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca, Menorca, these are all quite distinct parts of this European nation. It is really quite hard to sit down and describe the characteristics of Spain when it is made up of so many parts.

Complete Guide to Speaking Spanish

April 2, 2010

If you are planning on working in Spain then you should pretty quickly embark on studying the language of the nation. There are more than 400 million people all over the world speaking Spanish, and in Spain they call their language Castellano rather than Spanish. The reason for that is that Spanish started in Castile, with the earliest writings found dating back to the 970s. This Castellano was based on the Arabic of the Muslim territories below it even though it was a Christian language. The reason that so many Spanish words start with ‘al’ is because of this Arabic influence. The Castellano of Valladolid is said to be the most pure form of the language, but that is just one of the many dialects across Spain.

Ten Items You Can’t Forget to Pack for Your Personal Beachfront Holiday

March 17, 2010

Getting prepared for getaway can be both exciting and frustrating, in particular since you have possibly waited all year for some time off from perform. When you might be packing for your beach holiday getaway, you choose to ensure that the excitement of it all will not stop you from such as every thing you need to have in the suitcase.

Beautiful Places in Formentera, Pine Islands

February 23, 2010

This article introduces you to come great places to visit if you go to Formentera: Ses Salines, Platja des Canyers, Cala Saona, and Espalmador.

Mitjorn Beach Spain Guide

February 17, 2010

The Platja de Mitjorn is Formentera’s longest beach and runs along its southern coastline. Although Mitjorn means midday I would advise against sunbathing in Formentera’s midday sun, unless you have plenty of sunblock. Some say that the beach is five kilometers, others eight, it depends where you measure it from, but either way it is one of the longest on the Pine Islands. The most common measurement is from Es Pal Mas to Es Copinar. The strip is clear of buildings for the most part.

All About Formentera Island History

February 15, 2010

People have been living on Formentera for more than 4,000 years, and there are archeological sited on the island that demonstrate this. Even without natural spring water Formentera attracted Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. The Greek Stabo who died in 24AD referred to the island as Ophiusa, which means land of reptiles. When you walk along the paths today the geckos are still darting around 2,000 years later.