JULIAN SMITH – I’m Reading a Book

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “JULIAN SMITH – I’m Reading a Book”

  1.   zeynel karagoz Says:

    This is how I fee l at school

  2.   captainzebracorn01 Says:

    He’s so talented…

  3.   Rowan Formichelli Says:

    This always flashes through my head when someone talks to me when i’m reading

  4.   Juliann William Says:

    :38 Pop star haha

  5.   creatureRok Says:

    nope… you are just gonna see the nasty him LMAO!

  6.   Julia Yagodinski Says:

    If you interrupt you end up as a confused guy in scotland.

  7.   Selina Leung Says:

    Is it me or r the boys really fit n talented

  8.   Lucas Medrano Says:

    Better than most raps i have heard

  9.   Theo Antonopoulos Says:

    my librarian brought me here its a new hit in my local library

  10.   grimoran28 Says:

    Lol no it wasn’t, but it is nice that he made an inspirational video for all to read more :) . Mostly for the younger generation ^.^

  11.   jemappelledrwholuvr Says:

    Well, that was surely not the expected ending.

  12.   PanjandrumTheGreat Says:


  13.   Kierstyn Roberts Says:

    love this video

  14.   Keon Sohn Says:

    Ok, how come Julian’s girlfriend cooks dinner when it looks like its the afternoon

  15.   Sophie Grooves Says:

    poor kid
    XD XD XD

  16.   PressBForBombs Says:

    This would be a great advertisement to get more kids to read books.

  17.   masonklepper Says:

    Cool like it

  18.   shlakenjake Says:

    FAKE! Real rappers can’t read.

  19.   memail8767 Says:

    Best song

  20.   supersalidan Says:


  21.   Amy Wallace Says:

    2:06. suddenly a wild piper appears.

  22.   creatureRok Says:

    poor kid…

  23.   BigIronFist95 Says:

    Way better than 99% of worlds rappers :D

  24.   Andrew R Says:

    Haters never prosper.THIS VID IS BOSS

  25.   selinaroseanna Says:

    Bahahahaha!!!! Love this so much!! :)

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