16×9 – Growing Up Munsch: Robert Munsch’s books, drugs and recovery

Part 1 – If you have ever read a bedtime story to your child — you’re probably familiar with the titles Love You Forever and The Paper Bag Princess. The name Robert Munsch should be no stranger to you either. But life hasn’t been all gumdrops and lollipops for this internationally acclaimed children’s books author. in a 16:9 exclusive we open the book on the life of Robert Munsch… and you may be surprised what we reveal about the man who’s enchanted so many of us. Part 2 – While Robert Munsch was filling the pages of his books with stories from his wild imagination — there was another story to this acclaimed author that he desperately hid. Robert Munsch was battling his own demons and using it to create one best seller after the other. Part 3 – He’s entertained and enchanted our kids for a generation, but what about his own children growing up Munsch? For the first time we hear from the people in his life. Darryl Konynenbelt reports.

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    wow had no idea he had such a battle in life

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