‘The Hobbit’, Audio Book- Part II of III

'The Hobbit', Audio Book- Part II of III

This is JRR Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’. A classic on so many levels methinks^_^ This reading of the book by Nicol Williamson is an abridged version, meaning of course that it is not the entire book word for word. Anywho, I put some pictures in with the vid, though they’re not in sync with the story. That’s what your imagination is for.. O_o And if ye’re anything like me, ye’ll know that reading a book like The Hobbit, or LOTR & using your imagination to see the world, to create those memorable feelings, is immeasurably more satisfying than watching any movie. Not dissing the LOTR movies here peoples, I quite enjoy the.. first one, but they’re just movies with no-where near the feeling of the books. That being said, I like perrty pictures too & so I put some in here because I could. Suggestion: Forget the pictures, have a quiet room, close yours eyes, sit back & listen. With any luck it’s a rainy day. I always seemed to love reading LOTR & The Hobbit on rainy days..

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  1.   sital gosai Says:

    Nice for sleeping thx for posting I appreciate it. :)

  2.   FultonAllred Says:

    Well, it was probably recorded a while ago on tape, and think I’ve noticed a few missing parts, but I’m just happy to listen to it

  3.   film4thepeople Says:

    No.abridged ………

  4.   film4thepeople Says:


  5.   J Dalton Says:

    I think that jim dale should read this

  6.   caitlinsenni Says:

    Love the reader, want more

  7.   Whitney Miller Says:

    Thank you so much for putting this up

  8.   Evan Clutsom Says:

    Awesome profile picture

  9.   Thorley666 Says:

    unabridged i think

  10.   TheHeatherGallagher Says:

    Is this an abridged version?

  11.   hasan abdul-gafoor Says:


  12.   Justin Moats Says:


  13.   Justin Moats Says:


  14.   Bwkjam Says:

    JR Tolkein is better then C.S Lewis, those books are more childish and often not very exciting.

  15.   J TA Says:

    ya hoy!

  16.   LILBURNJAC Says:

    Can you tell us any of the other characters’ accents? Dwarves? Eagles? Bjorn? Etc.
    Also, about the 19th century accent, how did you (or anyone) recognize it?

  17.   josh19dow88 Says:

    Merlin doing the voice of Gandalf… epic

  18.   Benito Lascano Says:

    one of the best and talanted story teller, magical voice. the artist Nicol Williamson TOLKIEN I bet approved

  19.   jchap146 Says:

    they are making a trilogy -.-

  20.   Solvor Megard Says:

    @CondemnedPatriot there are 2 more parts to the movie ;)

  21.   skanderrocks Says:

    He does the voices well

  22.   Rokzug Says:

    Damn this book reading is skipping a hell of a lot of parts.. Is it just me annoyed by this?

  23.   Zac L. Says:

    lol.. bunch of lazy assholes. guess im no exception. The Movie (2012) ends about at the 10:00 mark.

  24.   Antonio Remmenga Says:

    When does chapter 8 start?

  25.   vera goteva Says:

    does any one know when chapter 7 starts ?

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