My favorite classic books!

Featuring One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Chosen, my obnoxious dog barking, and more! NOTE: I am so sorry about the audio. I’ve tried to fix it and can’t figure it out. It works fine when I play the file on my computer, so I don’t know why it’s doing this.

goodreads account: this is my review of Jane Austen’s novel, Northanger Abbey! please let me know if you enjoyed or hated my modernized explanation of this classic novel! i tried to explain it as simple as i could! hope you enjoyed the review and i really hope you subscribe!!
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  1.   zaftra Says:

    The ‘real world’ was a very different thing back then. Most people would have been confined to their villages and immediate areas. Not many people traveled far then. It was their ‘real world’. I did genealogy, and you see from when parish records began people are baptized, married and buried in the same church. With the advent of the industrial revolution you then start to see people being baptized in a parish and then disappearing. Being in a locale doesn’t equate immaturity.

  2.   bekhanhnguyen Says:

    Hey, Courtney. :) I tried reading it again but I didn’t really “get” it… :P Maybe I’ll read it in a few years, when I’m older!

    -Khanh ♥-

  3.   MidnightThief15 Says:

    I don’t know if you’d like it or not, but since you’re an Austen fan, I wanted to recommend the book Austenland by Shannon Hale. It’s an adult novel (doesn’t show anything explicit though). It’s not a retelling; the main character goes to this vacation sort of place where for a few weeks you live as if you were back in Jane Austen’s time. It’s super short and a really quick read. But it’s good. :)

  4.   zaftra Says:

    He was born in 1867, not a whole heap after the novel was set. Mortality was higher too, so they had to mature pretty quickly because of that.

  5.   zaftra Says:

    from what i remember it came across as you was talking about females in general, comparing the ones of today with those of the times the novel was set in. You was comparing the females of that day to be more like 12 year olds or something. They may not had as much general knowledge back then, but they would have been way more grown up and mature then your average 17 yo these days. One of my Great grandads was down a mine at 14, grandma in service form 13……

  6.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    thanks so much! i hope you enjoy it!!

  7.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    haha as much as i love Darcy i do agree, Henry is quite dreamy! ohh geez, i’ll have to look into it!! thanks!!

  8.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    i’d have to say without a doubt it’s Pride & Prejudice!

  9.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    yay!!! I hope you enjoy all of them!!

  10.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    thanks so much!!

  11.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    i completely agree. and it’s not just in this era but i think even in today’s socitey that living in the real world and not being sheltered is very beneficial to a person’s maturity. i was simply stating Catherines maturity levels throughout the book, not about womens maturity level during this era in general.
    i’d have to say, as cliche as it is, Mr. Darcy because i love a challenge! haha

  12.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    no problem! i hope you enjoy it!

  13.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    not all women were married at this age, it was at the age of 17 that it was expected. i do agree that marriage and having children made them more mature and that being wealthy would definietely give them an opportunity to be more elegant. i however was giving a review of Northhanger Abbey and the description of the story and the characters within the book, i wasn’t giving a history lesson.

  14.   BooksWithCourt Says:

    good! please let me know how you liked it!!!

  15.   bookmovieguy Says:

    Wow! This sounds really great! I’ve never read a Jane Austen book and I’ve been wanting to read Pride and Prejudice, but this sound awesome too. Great review! :)

  16.   NEHOMAS2 Says:

    Northanger Abbey is actually my fav Austen novel; it’s just lots of fun, I love Catherine as a heroine and I am going to commit Austenite heracy, hehe, by stating that Henry Tilney is hands down my favourite leading man. Screw you, Mr. Darcy – Henry is brilliant.
    And if you haven’t seen it, I recommend the 2007 ITV adaptation, although it was a little ‘sexed up’, as they love to do with Austen when on TV, hehe.

    Good on you for doing some classic book reviews! *salutes*

  17.   draluvsbooks Says:

    Which Jane Austen is your favorite?

  18.   jazzer53 Says:

    ‘Cos your love for Jane Austen is so infectious, I picked up her box set with all her books and I think I will start with this one, as you recommended. I LOVE historical fiction, so I’m thinking I’ll definitely enjoy this one as much as you did. =)

  19.   vanillahearts62 Says:

    I read and reviewed this earlier this month, too!! I’m going through all her books. :) Nice review, Court!

  20.   MidnightThief15 Says:

    I’m sorry, but I feel the need to specify that mostly the gullible, childish 17-year-olds in that day and age were unmarried, because they were so restricted and sheltered. The married ones of course had much more experience with life, and the hardships and difficulties that come with it.

    But this was a good review. :) I have to ask though, who’s your favorite Jane Austen guy? Haha. I like Jane Austen, but I have a problem with her long tangent rants that she tends to get into sometimes.

  21.   Inez Ruiz Says:

    Thank you for reviewing Northanger excited to read it now.

  22.   zaftra Says:

    A 17 yo in those days was more like a child and couldn’t do anything for themselves? Seriously you need an history lesson. Poorer women would have been married with kids, they would have had incredibly hard working lives if at home. Where they privileged they would have had it easier, but then they would have been very well educated but in a way that was more socially acceptable and be fitting a lady.

  23.   Inez Ruiz Says:

    i have to read that over winter break for my AP class.

  24.   bekhanhnguyen Says:

    Amazing review, Courtney. :) I loved how you gave a bunch of information about the book and some of her other novels. I’m definitely interested in reading her writings now, I’ll get you know how it turns out!

    -Khanh ♥-

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