Dr. Seuss – The Butter Battle Book (1989)

The Butter Battle Book is a rhyming story written by Dr. Seuss. It was published by Random House Books for Young Readers on January 12, 1984. It is an anti-war story; specifically, a parable about arms races in general, mutually assured destruction and nuclear weapons in particular. This was an animated TV special in 1989 by animator and filmmaker Ralph Bakshi, narrated by Charles Durning and produced by and aired on TNT.
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'The Hobbit', Audio Book- Part I of III

This is JRR Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’. A classic on so many levels methinks^_^ This reading of the book by Nicol Williamson is an abridged version, meaning of course that it is not the entire book word for word. Anywho, I put some pictures in with the vid, though they’re not in sync with the story. That’s what your imagination is for.. O_o And if ye’re anything like me, ye’ll know that reading a book like The Hobbit, or LOTR & using your imagination to see the world, to create those memorable feelings, is immeasurably more satisfying than watching any movie. Not dissing the LOTR movies here peoples, I quite enjoy the.. first one, but they’re just movies with no-where near the feeling of the books. That being said, I like perrty pictures too & so I put some in here just because. Suggestion: Forget the pictures, have a quiet room, close yours eyes, sit back & listen. With any luck it’s a rainy day. I always seemed to love reading LOTR & The Hobbit on rainy days..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

45 Responses to “Dr. Seuss – The Butter Battle Book (1989)”

  1.   Charles Nicol Says:

    They could do it so the extra butter runs off the bread so there isn’t too much butter.

  2.   demon2441 Says:


  3.   MarlonOtakubrother Says:

    How else will kids learn of current affairs at the time?

  4.   CornWhale59 Says:

    Oh god, Dr. Seuss, why?

  5.   RigoKellerColas Says:

    No! but maybe a game!

  6.   NASAgeek321 Says:

    I do it butter side up but I flip when I eat it so it’s touches the tongue. Problem solved.

  7.   mjhockey12 Says:

    Watching this as a child it had a completely deferent meaning, studied the Cold War today and it made me think of the movie

  8.   93Xarxes Says:

    Personally I like to butter my bread and then fold it in half to eat it :)

  9.   Jokernui Says:

    This brings up the question. Which side of the bread is the bottom or top?

  10.   magicalgirl32 Says:

    Maybe someday, Universal Studios and Dreamworks Pictures will make a CGI film based on the Dr Seuss book.

  11.   DAVE McRonald Says:

    ;) just kidding haha What a great story!

  12.   DAVE McRonald Says:


  13.   NeoCortex726 Says:

    Ever notice how in the beginning, the grandfather is talking to his grandson about what happened a LONG time ago? But at the end, that “long time ago” turned into what was recently happening, so it’s not a “back then” story anymore like it was in the beginning.

    Biggest blooper in history.

  14.   dancebrittany23 Says:

    This is really freaky

  15.   syncmonism Says:

    The butter doesn’t fall off… funny enough I find it works better. The butter lines up with your tongue instead of the roof of your mouth :)

  16.   jacksonsay37 Says:

    This, Grinch Night, and the Hoober Bloob Highway have the best songs.

  17.   snowboarddmonkey1 Says:

    when i was a child, i was so upset with the ending and hoped desperately for a sequel, but now that im 21, i get where he was going with the story, thats why i think dr. seuss is for any age

  18.   Obiwancolenobi Says:

    Satire written during the Cold War era. Red Scare and all that nonsense.

  19.   AlexReynard Says:

    They would never have the balls to give it such a chilling, effective ending.

  20.   john hincapie Says:

    i hope they make this into a cgi movie

  21.   AndyG94 Says:

    Why not in both sides??

  22.   AndyG94 Says:

    Well. yeah, but that way the butter touches your tongue first…I think….

  23.   savkos101 Says:

    We watched this in class today. Once again, Dr. Seuss hits the nail right on the head.

  24.   xai wilcox Says:


  25.   Andy Slaughter Says:

    I find thus one of most interesting stories of Dr. Seuss. Just the fact we have two communities, fighting and arguing over one meaningless, idiotic reason.

  26.   ThrobnWood Says:

    :D You just made me think of the Robin Hood scene in Blackadder Back & Forth. Check it out if ye have not seen it, it’s on YT.

  27.   Pokey PokeyPokey Says:

    ThrobnWood: The heroic bandit with a “sword” as big as a tree!

    Lol x3

  28.   Doublt1 Says:

    I’m Japanese man
    I’m learning English
    Please up load another one

  29.   film4thepeople Says:

    I like this video ….. watch a video entitled “The Columbia experiment” A Physical Example of Mind Control on YouTube

  30.   BTStuck Says:

    ThrobinWood… You da man!!!! Thanks for the upload!

  31.   omahablackrose48 Says:

    Saves me from having to download a virused version of the audiobook. Thank you ThrobnWood.

  32.   MagicAccent Says:

    Sounds good man. Subbed.

  33.   superderby91 Says:

    Throbbing Wood; rofl

  34.   Diane Cranson Says:

    Nicol WIlliams is a wonderful actor. Did lots of Shakespeare and other great theatre. Love this audio too

  35.   Thegreatleone Says:

    dude… what? I think he means ROBIN hood

  36.   P.J. Leonard Says:

    Guys, I’m REALLY sorry for posting this kinda thing (I’m no fan of this either), but this is relevant to this video: I write my own books and I’ve been trying to get my channel off the ground. It’s me reading audiobook-style. If you fancy some light, original stories to listen to I’d really appreciate the support.
    Thanks for hearing me out, and apologies for the unsolicited advertising.

  37.   stonerboyno1 Says:

    or both lol

  38.   ThrobnWood Says:

    Or possibly Robin Hood…

  39.   juangutierrezArt Says:

    I think he means it sounds like Throbbin Wood. Wood, another name for penis.

  40.   Varjokani Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I so love you now because I have been planning to read this but have been really busy so now I can listen this instead. :-D

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  42.   thiraj dalpadado Says:

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  43.   Zysama102 Says:

    So? Because he isn’t in the worst possible situation he can be as a human that means hes not allowed to wish for better?

  44.   lindydivaus Says:

    Made me think of Peter Lorre.

  45.   BookWorm40310 Says:

    (if you still need to know)

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