Classic Books with Apocalypstick: The Great Gatsby

Classic Books with Apocalypstick: The Great Gatsby

Blogger Apocalypstick reads and reviews classic books. This time it’s “The Great Gatsby” a novel about sad old people.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to “Classic Books with Apocalypstick: The Great Gatsby”

  1.   fastfoodclowns Says:

    The Great Gatsby is about the end of romantic dreams and romanticism in life, generally. It’s not that hard to figure it out.

  2.   BlackBullNDN Says:

    I see the joke value you are trying to project, but even in complete satirical humor, this is completely sad. People need to embrace the importance of expanding their mind and reading great novels, and in turn, even in humor, saying “Read a book about a bunny.” We need less of that in this day and age, if anything. I’m not trying to pick at you, it’s just that what you are trying to commute her is asinine.

  3.   TheDystopiaInside Says:


  4.   ThaMuzeekEnthuziest Says:

    this is hilarious 

  5.   doesntmatter1123 Says:

    Like grow up. LOSER.

  6.   viciousmeatwadful Says:

    I’m going to find it and I’m going to destroy it. I don’t know how yet. Possibly with dynamite.

  7.   Angel Lopez Says:

    You are pretty c: add me on facebook

  8.   naio1869 Says:


  9.   MrsKemoSabi Says:

    tht was too funny! i need to see more

  10.   MrsKemoSabi Says:

    whatever, it was funny and thts the point

  11.   Nur playsmusic Says:

    Although I know/presume that this video is meant to be rather jocular it just makes you look…not so smart. And btw I’m not that enthusiastic when it comes to Fitzgerald’s work.

  12.   NickSummers7 Says:

    It really should be called The Great Nick.

  13.   Mylene Costa Says:

    funnyyyy hahah

  14.   RandomlyChandler Says:

    hm, definitely going to have to pick up Goodnight Moon. I too enjoy sleep…However, if i pick up the great gatsby, perhaps that will put me to sleep? *sigh* what a pickle.

  15.   DonElmerLopez Says:

    LMAO i like how you suddenly switch to reviewing a diff book hahahah

  16.   DonElmerLopez Says:

    LMAO i like how you suddenly switch to reviewing a diff book hahaha

  17.   thisisacunt Says:

    what is this guy hes like a gay

  18.   ShamanOfMattitude Says:

    you look like my cousin chuck but with an afro

  19.   Imthepretender13 Says:

    hahahah dude i love you:)

  20.   kaylac041994 Says:

    Hahahahaha “I didn’t read the book. You read the book.” Nice XD

  21.   dnL854 Says:

    @mileybug78 WTF?

  22.   mileybug78 Says:

    can u suck your dick

  23.   FourMileIsland Says:

    to be more involved with my viewers :)

  24.   rattrap777 Says:

    LoL why do you reply to all your comments?

  25.   FourMileIsland Says:

    hater ;)

  26.   rattrap777 Says:

    Hate comment

  27.   FourMileIsland Says:


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