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February 1, 2013

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The book Netanyahu needs to read to get a handle on Hagel's Mideast approach

January 29, 2013

The book Netanyahu needs to read to get a handle on Hagel's Mideast approach
The PM could learn a lot about the next secretary of defense from reading 'Eisenhower 1956,' which describes an American president sympathetic to Israel's defense needs, but also determined to maintain an independent U.S. policy and avoid a war.
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'Have you read a good book lately'
In October, reading instructor Cathy Mahlen had charged her eighth graders to produce a book trailer based on a novel they had recently read and Monday was premiere night. Sadie Koelz and Clare Stubbe produced a trailer on "Masque of the Red Death," …
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Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah Hosts Read-a-Thon
U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Brian Mays, a medic assigned to Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah, reads a book as part of a United Through Reading Read-a-thon on Forward Operating Base Farah, Afghanistan, Jan. 18, 2013. U.S. Navy photo by Lt. j.g. …
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Doctors Health Press Reports on Study: Probiotic Shakes May Help Reduce the Rate of Early Mortality Among Seniors

January 27, 2013

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 27, 2013

Doctors Health Press, a division of Lombardi Publishing Corporation and publisher of various natural health newsletters, books, and reports, including the popular online Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin, is reporting on new study out of the U.K. finding that probiotic shakes can significantly boost seniors immunity, possibly reducing the rate of early mortality among seniors.

As Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin (http://www.doctorshealthpress.com/food-and-nutrition-articles/a-special-drink-that-boosts-seniors-immunity) notes, as a person ages, their immune system has a greater role to play in safeguarding their health. But like everything else, the immune system may be slowed down and made less effective by the process of normal aging. Now, researchers in the U.K. are saying that having a probiotic shake for breakfast may effectively offset this drop in immunity.

As the article A Special Drink That Boost Seniors Immunity reports, probiotics help in ousting disease-causing bacteria from the body. These bad bacteria are being blamed for all kinds of health problems. But one thing thats not usually addressed is whether probiotics could help offset what researchers call immunosenescence, or the slow but steady deterioration of the immune system thats naturally triggered with age. Immunosenescence is actually a major contributing factor in early mortality among seniors.

The Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin article notes that to see if probiotics could help boost immune function in seniors, researchers from the University of Reading recruited 30 healthy senior volunteers. The volunteers were given a probiotic drink containing different kinds of beneficial bacteria or skimmed milk as a supplement for four weeks. The participants then stopped treatment for four weeks, after which they switched groups.

According to the article, the researchers found that probiotic consumption was associated with a significant increase in natural killer (NK) cell activity. These are the cells that can target and destroy cancer cells or virus-infected cells. Additionally, the probiotics triggered an increase in IL-10an important regulator of inflammation.

(SOURCE: Dong, H., et al., Immunomodulatory effects of a probiotic drink containing Lactobacillus casei Shirota in healthy older volunteers, Eur J Nutr. January 10, 2013.)

Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin is a daily e-letter providing natural health news with a focus on natural healing through foods, herbs, and other breakthrough health alternative treatments. For more information on Doctors Health Press, visit http://www.doctorshealthpress.com.

Doctors Health Press believes in the healing properties of various alternative remedies, including Traditional Chinese Medicine. To see a video outlining the Doctors Health Press views on Traditional Chinese Medicine, visit http://www.doctorshealthpress.com/chinesemedicine.

Barbara Meade retires from Politics and Prose, reflects on a life in books

January 24, 2013

Barbara Meade retires from Politics and Prose, reflects on a life in books
A book customer? [Laughs.] I enjoy being able to sit down and read a chapter of a book, see whether I'm interested in buying it or not. I'm learning a lot about what it feels like to be a customer. It feels — I'm trying to think of the right word …
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Emailing Jeff Bezos Every Time You Read a Book on Kindle Is the Best Art Project
Emailing Jeff Bezos Every Time You Read a Book on Kindle Is the Best Art Project Everyone wants you to share. Share the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the articles you read, the books you read. So Johannes Osterhoff is sharing, just with …
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Read This Book: Some Tips For The Individual Trader/Investor
I always read extensively, and in the past I have provided pointers to the best sources for investors. This year has been hectic on many fronts, and I have been negligent in passing on my conclusions. In an effort to catch up, I want to focus on a few …
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Bright Kids NYC Releases New ISEE

November 28, 2012

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

Bright Kids NYC has released its second Middle Level ISEE

The Kindle Paperwhite Gift Pack available now at Mobile Fun

November 24, 2012

Birmingham, West Midlands (PRWEB UK) 24 November 2012

The Kindle Paperwhite is the brightest Amazon e-reader to be released, allowing readers to continue reading in all light conditions, no matter where they are. To help keep the e-reader looking newer and fully juiced Mobile Fun have received stock of the Kindle Paperwhite Gift Pack.

Containing five must-have Kindle Paperwhite accessories the pack includes: a book style case, screen protector, USB cable, mains charger and in-car charger. These accessories work together to ensure that the Kindle Paperwhite remains looking newer for longer and is always charged for when it’s needed.

The included Kindle Paperwhite cover fully protects the Paperwhite from daily damage caused by bumps, drops, scrapes and scratches. It holds the Kindle in place with four elasticated tabs, so that all the ports and features still remain free and the Kindle can be used without anything obstructing it. The cover also has an interior pocket for papers, tickets and notes to be stored and easily accessed and uses a magnetic closure, so that the Kindle remains in place and the screen doesn’t become damaged.

To help protect the display of the Kindle further is a Kindle Paperwhite screen protector. Simple to apply, the screen protector stops any damage to the display from dust and dirt, whilst ensuring no messy fingerprints litter the display. It can be used with a Kindle Paperwhite case too, so that the e-reader is 100% protected.

The final three accessories in the Gift Pack all aim to keep the Kindle Paperwhite fully juiced, whether it be at home with the mains charger or on the road with the in-car charger, The included USB lead can also be used to sync the Kindle Paperwhite too, so it’s a handy spare cable to have around.

A great Gift Pack for those expecting a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, the Kindle Paperwhite Gift Pack is available now from Mobile Fun in either black or purple.


About Mobile Fun

Birmingham based MobileFun.co.uk is the UK’s leading internet retailer for “everything first”; offering a range of mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and tablet accessories.

Mobile Fun has offices in the UK, USA, Spain, Germany and France and delivers products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Mobile Fun were recently named the ‘Best Accessory Retailer’ 2012 at the What Mobile Awards and won the title of Online Retailer of the Year at the Mobile News Awards 2011 and 2012.

Award Winning Novel, Diamonds in the Dust, Reaches out to Book Clubs By Providing Glimpse into World of Poverty

November 19, 2012

(PRWEB) November 18, 2012

Behind most authors is a story that inspires the words of the novel. Shirley Mowat Tucker is no different.

Tucker, a native of South Africa, wrote her novel, Diamonds in the Dust, surrounded by the harsh reality of life in her homeland, such as sex trafficking, poverty, and AIDS. The storys main character, Ida Morgan, experiences horrendous heartbreak when her husband is murdered. The event leaves Morgan with feelings of emptiness and abandonment from God. Idas road to healing and wholeness is paved by diamonds in the dust. The widow finds herself struggling against corruption at the highest levels while contending for people who live at the lowest depths.

The 2011 winner of the inaugural Anthanatos Christian Ministries Christian Novel Contest is more than a detail of her life experiences as a South African. It is the starting point for a number of talking points for a diverse group of readers. The themes of Tucker’s book are ideal for informative discussions which take place in book clubs, library groups, and reading groups at churches.

For deeper discussions, the publisher recently released a study guide invigorate group discussions and challenge readers to connect with the authors story on a deeper level. The guide puts readers on the pace to discuss the issues Tucker addresses in the novel. They are: Authority, Vocation, Prayer, Mercy and Justice, and Friendship.

The discussion guide is organized with facilitators in mind. The first section contains a number of ‘overview questions’ that span the entirety of the book. After that, are questions organized topically that help the reader see how important issues are threaded throughout the book.

Shirley Tucker is a Christian author who does more than write about social ills. She and her husband, Mark, founded the Phakamani Foundation to distribute micro-loans to enterprising, but poor, women in South Africa.

The Diamonds in The Dust is one of several titles available for purchase on Smashwords. Visit the publisher page for additional works.

New Book from The Mom Strategist Helps Moms Cope: Available Now for the Holidays

November 9, 2012

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) November 09, 2012

Busy moms wondering how they are going to juggle the demands of the holidays with the demands of a family and still find time for themselves can now get a little extra help in the run up to Christmas. The latest book from The Mom Strategist, Mia Redrick is out now and designed to help moms cope.

Recently featured on The New Ricki Lake Show, Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care is a yearly journal which coaches, encourages and supports. Indispensable during the holidays, it is also a failsafe through the year with a range of practical tools, accessible bite-sized tips and carefully considered questions to help moms blend self-care into their daily lives in just 15 minutes a day while also nurturing the needs of their families.

Cutting right to the heart of the demands placed on women by themselves, childcare, family responsibilities, jobs and other commitments, Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care helps women to take control of their timetables, even as the festivities close in. The book references the authors experiences coaching thousands of women, including hosting 167 Time for Mom-Me self-care groups around the country that teach moms that self-care is an important part of motherhood.

Author Mia Redrick says, This book is all about helping moms cope. I am a mom of three so I know how important it is to make time for me but also, how difficult it can be to get that time each day. Over the last 14 years I have made “me time” dates an important part of my motherhood journey. As a result all of the resources, the tasks, the accompanying web site articles, videos, blog posts have been compiled to do just one thing equip moms handling hectic schedules and family responsibilities to take a few minutes a day for their own needs. I am a mom that has done this in my own life and who has coached thousands of moms to do the same so it is not hypothetical advice, but a selection of tried and tested tips that really work.

We recently discovered that almost 60% of moms feel like they are only able to have me time late at night or very early in the morning while everyone else sleeps which gives some insight into how much pressure women are under to put everyone else first. This only escalates during the holidays when so much is going on so the book is really about helping moms find balance.

For all moms, be they stay-at-home, career moms, self-employed women or moms who work part time, finding time to self-connect and assign meaning is essential to enjoying a balanced, better life.

The book is split in to daily sections, with each page giving the reader five items to help on the journey to successful self-care that day: a word of the day, a self-care strategy of the day, an action plan for the day, a question of the day and a list of the day. A PDF worksheet which can be printed out or completed online helps to track the journey, showing what works and providing a point of reflection as the year progresses. This structure helps moms to give time to friends and family while also taking a few minutes out to uncover daily opportunities to enhance their own emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Showing just how effective the Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care strategy can be, The Mom Strategist was called in by talk-show host Ricki Lake to help one overwhelmed mom on The New Ricki Lake Show. With mom Ally confessing that she had actually considered divorcing her husband James simply to get some time away from the kids, Mia Redrick helped Ally to work through her feelings and find a better balance, using her book to provide an ongoing framework.

Available to purchase in paperback from all good book stores including Barnes & Noble and Amazon, Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care makes an excellent stocking stuffer or Christmas present. It is priced at $ 19.99.

Buy online now at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/time-for-mom-me-mia-redrick/1111725626?ean=9780979627316 and


For more information about the Time For Mom-Me Series and Mia Redrick visit http://www.themomsacademy.com/sp/10287-365-strategies-the-book

Follow Mia on Twitter @Mia_Redrick or search Time For Mom Me on Facebook.

Reviews For 365 Daily Strategies For A Mothers Self Care:

Ive been a fan of Mia Redrick for a long time. She understands the daily challenges every mom faces, and balances her insights in a no-nonsense approach. 365 Daily Strategies for a Mothers Self-Care gives busy moms practical, bite-sized tips and exercises that add up to a sustainable self-care routine that can help us all become better moms and happier women. Megan Calhoun, Founder & CEO of SocialMoms.com

Mia Redricks book, 365 Daily Strategies for a Mothers Self Care is a must read for all moms. As women, we are so busy doing for everyone else that we put ourselves last. This book does a wonderful job of inspiring and guiding a woman to take active care of herself. Mias suggestions delivered in daily, bite size pieces over the course of a year are perfect for the busy mom. The reader will learn how to excel in all areas as she goes about the business of life. This book is the perfect shower gift for every new mom! The seasoned mothers also benefit from the wisdom within 365 Daily Strategies; we all need reinforcement on how to manage our various roles in life. Mia Redrick remains the go to expert on self-care and has out done herself with this book! I highly recommend it. Joyce Bone, CEO and founder of Joyce Bone Enterprises

Issued by Dakota Digital. Copies of Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for a Mother’s Self-Care are available for media review. Please direct requests to Rebecca(at)dakotadigita(dot)co(dot)uk or call 866-226-2607.