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February 2, 2013

Get ready for the Captain America movie by boning up on the Marvel comics! When Ed Brubaker took over the writing of Captain America, the series enjoyed one of it’s most popular, critically acclaimed runs in it’s long history. In anticipation of the big summer blockbuster, Jeff, Dan, and Alex go back to the first two trades of this run to see what makes Captain America such an ass-kicking hero, and why you might want to reads the comics, too. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the return of Secret Identity! Visit the Totally Rad Show forum! LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE This Video! Never Miss an Episode- Subscribe For Daily Videos: More Episodes: Facebook: Twitter: Alex’s Twitter: Dan’s Twitter: Jeff’s Twitter: ABOUT TOTALLY RAD SHOW: The Totally Rad Show is the summer blockbuster of geek news shows. Every week, hosts Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata rip into the world of movies, video games, tv, comics, and more and pull out what’s rad.

Get ready for Marvel’s Thor movie with a look at the comic book. Thor, member of the Avengers, classic Marvel hero, Norse god… and soon to be big screen blockbuster star. But before tomorrow’s review of the film, Alex, Dan, and Jeff take a look at the most recent version of the character in comics. Does the Straczynski & Coipel trade make the guys more or less excited about the movie? Be sure to check back tomorrow when we review the THOR movie!
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Generously Sponsored by Nichols College, Comedian Mike Birbiglia Returns to Hometown Area in National Touring Comedy Show at The Hanover Theatre on February 8

January 28, 2013

Worcester, MA (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

Comedian and Shrewsbury, MA native, Mike Birbiglia, is extending the nationwide tour of his award-winning Off-Broadway show, MIKE BIRBIGLIA’S MY GIRLFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND to theatres and performing arts centers in twenty-eight additional cities. Birbiglia will perform at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts in Worcester on Friday, February 8 at 7:30pm.

Birbiglia originally performed MY GIRLFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND for fifteen weeks at the Barrow Street Theatre, from March 18, 2011 to June 25th, 2011. The show won the Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Solo Performance, and was nominated for the Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle Awards. Mike has just come back from a two week sold out run at the Soho Theatre in London that garnered four star reviews from The Guardian, The Independent, The London Evening Standard and The Times.

In MIKE BIRBIGLIA’S MY GIRLFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND, the storytelling comedian shares a lifetime of romantic blunders and miscues that most adults would spend a lifetime trying to forget. On this painfully honest and hysterical journey, Mike struggles to find reason in an area where it may be impossible to find love.

I had such an incredible time touring this show in the first half of the year. From Durham to Boise, to Arcata, California, the tour was like a really satisfying series of one night stands. Also my wife was there with me, so it wasnt like a series of one-night stands at all. I guess there isnt a word for it. The point is, it was fun and Im gonna keep doing it.

Booked by Mike Berkowitz of the APA Talent and Literary Agency, MIKE BIRBIGLIA’S MY GIRLFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND tour marks Birbiglias second tour taking place exclusively in theatres and performing arts centers. In 2009, Birbiglia headlined Comedy Central Live Starring Mike Birbiglia: Im In The Future Also tour and performed in twenty-two theatres across the country.

Ticket prices are $ 28 and $ 38 with a 10% discount available for members, groups of 10 or more, kids, students and WOO Card holders. Limited VIP seats (2 for $ 150.40) are available, including both a pre-show and post-show reception to benefit 15-40 Connection. The pre-show reception includes appetizers, open bar, and a photo opportunity with Mike Birbiglia at the theatre. To purchase tickets visit, call 877.571.SHOW (7469) or visit The Hanover Theatre box office located at 2 Southbridge Street in downtown Worcester.

About Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia is a comedian, writer, and actor best known for his award-winning off-Broadway hits Sleepwalk with Me and MIKE BIRBIGLIA’S MY GIRLFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND. The New York Times called MY GIRLFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND ridiculously enjoyable. It was named a critics pick by The New York Times, Time Out New York, and New York Magazine. Birbiglia has starred in three Comedy Central specials, released three hit CDs for Comedy Central Records, Two Drink Mike, Sleepwalk With Me Live, and My Secret Public Journal Live, which was named one of the Best Comedy Albums of the Decade by The Onion AV Club. Birbiglia makes regular radio appearances on The Bob & Tom Show as well as on Public Radio Internationals This American Life. In 2011, Birbiglia directed and starred in a feature film adaptation of Sleepwalk With Me, which won the Best of NEXT Audience Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The film was acquired by IFC Films and will be released in movie theaters nationwide on August 24, 2012.

About The Hanover Theatre

The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts, located in downtown Worcester, New Englands second largest city, is recognized by Pollstar as one of the top 50 theatres in the world. After undergoing many name changes and renovations over the decades since its 1926 birth, The Hanover Theatre reopened in March 2008 following a $ 32 million historic restoration. Since then, the theatre has established its place as a rich entertainment and cultural venue, winning numerous awards, including The National Trust for Historic Preservation Award in 2010. Now in its fifth season, The Hanover Theatre continues to expose over 170,000 annual patrons to world-class entertainment in the form of Broadway, concerts, comedians and much more. For more information, visit Worcester Center for the Performing Arts, a registered not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, owns and operates The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

A Compelling Account of the Explosive Benghazi Scandal is Available from Red Wheel Publishing: The Benghazi Report: Leading from Behind, Into Decline by Ivan Kenneally

January 25, 2013

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

Benghazi Report includes the most complete collection of Editor Ivan Kenneallys essays on the still unraveling scandal including exclusive articles never before published. It also includes more general reflections on American foreign policy with particular emphasis on the Middle East.

The Benghazi Report also includes a special exclusive interview with Tom Malinowski, Washington Director of Human Rights Watch. Kenneally sat down with Malinowski for a long and searching discussion about the Benghazi attacks, the future of American foreign policy, and the daunting challenges that face the United States and the cause of human rights just around the bend.

Some of the special features included in The Benghazi Report:

Kenneallys analysis of the events as they unfolded

Commentary on Hillary Clintons testimony before the Senate

An exclusive interview with Tom Malinowski, Washington Director of Human Rights Watch

Essays on American security and intelligence operations

Essays on American foreign policy with particular emphasis on the Middle East

Essays on the prospects for democracy in the Muslim world

Quote from The Benghazi Report:

We know enough to demand candid answers to the few, macabre questions whose answers we still do not know. We know that if what we suspect turns out to be true, the request for another four weeks, let alone four years as Commander in Chief, should be summarily denied. We know we deserve better, and so do the Americans who were murdered that day, while their President purportedly watched on television, anxious about his election prospects. We know this is a morbid story, full of gruesome sadness, and we can almost excuse the press for their irresponsible neglect of things we all wish we did not know, that we could unlearn. We know more than we can bear, but now we must know more.

Buy The Benghazi Report Book Here

About the Author

Ivan Kenneally is the Editor in Chief of and is a regular contributor to His essays have appeared in numerous periodicals including the The Christian Science Monitor,The Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, National Review, Weekly Standard,The New York Post, The Jerusalem Post, as well as many academic journals.

Kenneally has been interviewed for his political expertise by Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, CNBC, RNews, NBC, Congressional Quarterly, and numerous other outlets.

An academic by training, he has taught philosophy and political science at SUNY Geneseo, the Eastman School of Music, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

About Red Wheel Publishing

Red Wheel Publishing, based in New York City, is dedicated to the promoting only the best conservative writing in America. Besides the popular online news magazine,, it also publishes The Red Wheel Political Review, a monthly collection of political book reviews by notable conservative authors, and In Vino Veritas, a monthly newsletter devoted to wine.

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Peter McIntosh Author of the Newly Released eBook ‘A Subtle Addiction’ Informs Readers they May be Sleeping Next to a Ticking Time Bomb

January 21, 2013

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Sleep, people usually complain they never have enough or even a good nights sleep. According to researchers Michael H. Bonnet and Donna L. Arand, “There is strong evidence that sufficient shortening or disturbance of the sleep process compromises mood, performance and alertness and can result in injury or death. In this light, the most common-sense ‘do no injury’ medical advice would be to avoid sleep deprivation.”

The same authority states that even 7 -8 hours of deep sleep is often enough for the body’s well-being if it is healthy, unfortunately many people are unknowingly preventing their bodies from allowing even this to occur according to research unearthed by authors Peter and Lynn McIntosh

This new eBook book of facts and interesting observations points out that the human body and brain need to take that time out to relax and re-energize for the next day, hence without good sleep there is a restriction inflicted on maintaining a healthy state of being. The National Sleep Foundation states that the all-important Immune System carries out vital activities during this non physical and mental period to cleanse the body of toxins in the organs, scrub the bacteria and white blood cells from the blood and re-charge the millions of miles of arteries and veins with healthy oxygen carrying blood

If the Immune System has to combat at the same time the bombardment of low level radiation coming from a cell or cordless phone close to the head, then it needs to divert much needed resources to the head and throat to try and set up a defense. This change to the bodys normal functions will quite likely introduce interruptions in the sleep pattern and almost certainly prevent the deep Theta State of sleep. The end result a disrupted night of sleep, and a feeling of tiredness in the morning and lack of attention during the day which can lead to accidents and other consequences.

Chapter 2 in the book describes how both cell and cordless phones when turned on are constantly sending out microwave communications in all directions at certain frequencies looking for a base station or tower. When they locate that source, they ensure the connection is maintained continuously, so that they can intercept any incoming calls instantly. Although the signal strength may not be as large as it can be when two way communications are taking place, the fact that for 6 10 hours this device is forever emitting these microwaves close to the brain and nearby organs (eyes, glands and ears), after a period they can cause cellular breakdown and a critical impact on the brain barrier tissue according to Dr George Carlo a world renowned authority on Electro Magnetic Radiation.

The authors have been challenged with statements such as I have had this next to my bed for years, yet I do not suffer from migraines or a brain tumor, this may well be true for many, however a number of people, particularly the young with their increased exposure to the well known Electro Magnetic Radiation via phones, tablets and laptops for hours every day, are now suffering from what is called Electro-sensitivity! If the phone is next to the bed, good sleep for these people, can be very hard to achieve according to Lloyd Burrell of and not beneficial to long term health for many others.

‘A Subtle Addiction -Attacking the Y Generation’ deals with many subjects and opens a real can of worms when it comes to the use of all these wonderful new gadgets or devices and the potential harm they can cause users of all ages. It also offers the answers to overcoming the lurking dangers with over 30 great tips on how to avoid excess exposure and protect everyone from damaging their health whilst enjoying these devices. With scores of notable scientists, doctors and even the World Health Organization represented in the book making the same claims, readers will be challenged to find fault in any of the observations.

Peter and Lynn offer a free review of 8 random pages of their new book by going to and if purchasing at only $ 9.98 for downloading this 72 page eBook containing 18 uncensored videos and many photos, it is a small investment that could save a life. It contains many answers to the safe use of these devices at all times.

Print Edition: The Dalai Lama’s Cat

January 1, 2013

Mint’s Somak Ghoshal reviews The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Mitchie. The book is about Dalai Lama’s pet cat picked up from the streets of Delhi
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5