Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey + Some Junior High Fanfiction

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey + Some Junior High Fanfiction

A book review of “Fifty Shades of Grey” by EL James, plus my dark little ’90s secret involving three blonde brothers who just so happen to sing. Oh, the crazypants things we do when we’re 12! My previous video full of lovely (and budget-friendly) baby succulents: Thanks for watching, kiddies! Remember to stay thrifty & subscribe for more shenanigans, product reviews, and general tomfoolery. ________________________ FIND ME ON TWITTER: http:/// AND ON PINTEREST: ________________________ If you’re interested in reading the “Fifty Shades” trilogy (whether it’s for a book club or your own scandalous desires), check out this TOTALLY FREE e-book website before you buy: Disclaimer: Everything was purchased by me with my own money. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this video.
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26 Responses to “Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey + Some Junior High Fanfiction”

  1.   Larasati Sudjudi Says:

    You’re very peppy! I saw the book on the shelves, never read it, but I had a feeling it’ll end with my criticising the book exactly as that.

  2.   Chrissi Summers Says:

    lazy married women read this crap thinking it will their have to be in bdsm for 10 years you go in to a bdsm community they will laugh at you sorry vanilla will always will be missionary style. bdsm is about bonding and love not abuse. you can’t wake up and say your submissive you must be born one.

  3.   kanihs Says:

    you need to pick up Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

  4.   Sarah Barnes Says:

    have you read the Mortal Instruments series?

  5.   whenanxietykicksin Says:

    Geez my inner goddess also write fanfiction! :D *I bite my lip*

    Kidding aside, I really am writing for fanfiction so I was laughing when you’re narrating your story, not that it’s funny but because I can relate to you. Plus you have curly hair and look at my do, I have unsolved curly locks XD

    I definitely would enjoy reading/hearing (lovely narration btw) than reading Fifty Shades of Meh (as you called it).

    Thanks :)

  6.   Samson99R Says:



  7.   elaine s. Says:

    heck no your not the only one if i had the actual book i would have thrown it or tried to burn it. but it WAS on my computer and i cant throw that -.- though i did think about it the whole time i read it.. anyway i just have to ask what book have you read that you never been annoyed with. i never read a book that didnt have something that bothered the hell out of me, but i still like it and can over look that annoyance

  8.   TwiVampFan Says:

    Anyone seen any video reviews or read any online reviews about the e-book
    April Curran Storms Vampire Camp?

  9.   Natasha Naty Says:

    have you tried to read the” song of fire and ice ” books?
    though it sets place in another world completely different from ours, i found the characters really round. it’s like they all have a real personality, and you get to feel how complex they are
    the best suggestion i could think of

  10.   PGUniversity Says:

    lol this is so funny I never heard of fan fiction before lol so cute lol…I have the fifty shades of Gray book I still have to read…

  11.   BitchxSplapped Says:

    no i am not

  12.   AlmightyOlmec Says:

    You are hilarious. 

  13.   GreenLightMe Says:

    i’m new to computers are you the curly haired girl i’m watching talking on the motion picture machine

  14.   BitchxSplapped Says:

    no cause you aren’t exactly claiming the characters as your own

  15.   Keo Shine Says:

    No literature ever written will be able to top the absolute hilarity of bad fanfiction.

  16.   Vikki Dark Says:

    Hey would you review my book DISTURBIA? its very different to 50 Shades.

  17.   GreenLightMe Says:

    isn’t that stealing?

  18.   HugsAreBeast Says:

    The house of night series is awesome c:

  19.   BitchxSplapped Says:

    fan fiction is basically when you take two characters that you like or think look good together and you push them together and make them do what you like

  20.   MsFabliaux Says:

    Your fan fiction was better than Fifty Shades of Grey. ;-)

  21.   GreenLightMe Says:

    what the FUCK is fan fiction?

  22.   rocknroll20024 Says:

    when i bought the book i had to show my Id i am 19 but i look likei am 17 lol

  23.   Marina Yamaguti Says:

    hahahahahahahahaha i loved your hanson fanfiction

  24.   Jane Doe Says:

    The author has confused the lifestyle she’s writing about with abuse. The thing about being a sub, is YOU are in control really. From a feminist perspective, this book is a mess haha.
    All that aside, it is really poorly written lol

  25.   alaunaTheLiterate Says:

    This is the first video of yours that I watched and I like your stye! haha. You’re funny and amusing and totally right about this book! It was awful! And the key points that you listed about how horrible it was were the exacts ones that I thought! ( and more, lol)
    Anyway, you should totally look up the book ” Halfway to the Grave” By Jeanine Frost. It’s my favorite book. And the first in its series. :)

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