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Get ready for the Captain America movie by boning up on the Marvel comics! When Ed Brubaker took over the writing of Captain America, the series enjoyed one of it’s most popular, critically acclaimed runs in it’s long history. In anticipation of the big summer blockbuster, Jeff, Dan, and Alex go back to the first two trades of this run to see what makes Captain America such an ass-kicking hero, and why you might want to reads the comics, too. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the return of Secret Identity! Visit the Totally Rad Show forum! LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE This Video! Never Miss an Episode- Subscribe For Daily Videos: More Episodes: Facebook: Twitter: Alex’s Twitter: Dan’s Twitter: Jeff’s Twitter: ABOUT TOTALLY RAD SHOW: The Totally Rad Show is the summer blockbuster of geek news shows. Every week, hosts Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata rip into the world of movies, video games, tv, comics, and more and pull out what’s rad.

Get ready for Marvel’s Thor movie with a look at the comic book. Thor, member of the Avengers, classic Marvel hero, Norse god… and soon to be big screen blockbuster star. But before tomorrow’s review of the film, Alex, Dan, and Jeff take a look at the most recent version of the character in comics. Does the Straczynski & Coipel trade make the guys more or less excited about the movie? Be sure to check back tomorrow when we review the THOR movie!
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47 Responses to “Captain America | Comic Book Review – The Totally Rad Show”

  1.   ddwag1 Says:

    Been over a year since I posted that and have found a bunch of great reads. I look out for Cap v7 in Nov.

  2.   djonesing11 Says:

    Cap is going to have a new writer soon (Remender) who is awesome so I can probably reccomend that. Daredevil is, and usually always is, just about the coolest superhero comic out there. Scalped is over now, but that’s a seriously badass noir/western series that you should collect in trades. X-Force and Batman Inc. are awesome but you should wait for the trades at this point cuz they get pretty complicated

  3.   djonesing11 Says:

    Bucky Cap is the shit!! I liked that version better than Steve I gotta say

  4.   Samuel Silva Says:


  5.   Jesus Ave Says:

    this is boring as fuck

  6.   Tecumseh Sherman Says:

    movie sucked, silly villain, can’t take it seriously, crappy bland action! don’t care whether hero dies or not.

  7.   archer1949 Says:

    Brubaker’s Cap Rocks! Both Rogers and Bucky-cap.

  8.   Decklann Says:

    TEEN TITANS or Green Lantern.

  9.   qqrk1372 Says:

    I’ve been a big fan of Cap but this movie looks WAY off. From the casting to the retconning of Bucky. We’ll see how well it does.

  10.   fuzzmasterflexify Says:

    his name is dan, black shirt is jeff, blue shirt is alex, and the guy behind the camera is mike

  11.   plixik Says:

    Couldn’t Venom walk right through those bars and kill them?

  12.   kenwuk Says:

    New to this show, but .. the guy in the orange tee shirt .. soooo off-base on his take of Cap. Stil, takes all sorts, I suppose.

  13.   SupremeSunday Says:

    That comic artwork in the intro is always amazing.

  14.   Z0mbieGenocide Says:

    It’s Venom’s evil twin.

  15.   Deadmansparty2002 Says:

    Sounds interesting.

  16.   HalfricanNanners Says:

    Watchmen, or V for Vendetta

  17.   gartzilla Says:


  18.   bubbamudd614 Says:

    @ddwag1 Preacher. Definitely.

  19.   leadspot Says:

    Jeff Cannata for an Oscar as best epic dramatic performance on the web

  20.   iBrokenBMX Says:

    Behind them in the far left is VEMON!

  21.   yossieven Says:

    Alex is an action lover. If there is too much fluff he gets frustrated :-)

  22.   Realdude2011 Says:

    Surprise, surprise..Dan doesn’t like (insert anything)

  23.   TheDarkUnleashed Says:

    u might be into the wanted comic book series, gives a unique look into the supervillains and heroes idea :) imagine if supervillains actually won….what would be the end result?

  24.   Caradog93 Says:

    Oh you need to read some Batman graphic novels, seriously the best out there… or Watchmen!

  25.   Sinatar Says:

    Preacher. Greatest comic series of all time.

  26.   s23410376 Says:

    You guys should really check out jakeinLA he has some damn good reviews and also they should make a comic staring him!

  27.   ArdemashRED Says:

    whoa dude i just watched it and he is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper annoying…..and he just dosent know of thor thats his opinion, but he needs to finish sentences

  28.   ArdemashRED Says:

    just realised thor dying and all the happenings around it i.e. cloning happened to superman too

  29.   shotbythehitman Says:

    the guy in the allstars shirt cant seem to finish a sentence. I wish Thor would show up and kill him. Perhaps he has Asgardian Autism?

  30.   MichaelJGaulke Says:

    My dad Scott Michael Gaulke is a child molester.  He lives in Milwaukee. Keep your children away from him.

  31.   Gobln15 Says:

    actually there a lot of people who can beat thor and he has been beaten a lot but superman is unbeatable and stupid as a character

  32.   lelanddupuy Says:

    wait a second dudes. thor is a god in name only, as are all asgardians. they’re basically aliens, and that has been cleared up in the marvel universe. tony stark and reed richards categorize thor as an alien, whether intergalactic or interdimensional, so he can be “killed”, just as every comic book hero (which doesn’t mean much). this arc was a killer arc because it was so anti comic book, yet totally comic book. it was a coming of (middle) age story.

  33.   Joe Kresl Says:

    I loved the JMS run on Thor!

  34.   sharktamer Says:

    Did anyone else keep staring at that big vein in Dan’s neck?

  35.   leadspot Says:

    ” he is a god ” that remains me of the smallville episode where clark was mortal and got shout and is brought to life by Jor-El… and yes, he is as mighty as a god, he can’t be defeated that easly, just like the doomsday storyline.
    I like to see the old origin story, coz is more likely to be represented as the storyline that Nolan did in batman begins, coz Thor is wiped out of his memory and lives his mortal life until he is in Norway and finds the hammer and becomes Thor

  36.   EmmerFan Says:

    I like to read stories from the beginning. That is why I don’t like these reboots. They are not real reboots, they are just continuing on. I want to see a classic comic really reboot and start from the beginning.

  37.   andrew morcus Says:

    I bet if they put razors in these guys ipads or ipods or cell phones they would shave

  38.   Realdude2011 Says:

    Forging – orgin story

  39.   Realdude2011 Says:

    You guys should have picked up Chris Samnees The Mighty Thor series that was unfortunately cancelled a few weeks ago. My favorite take on Thor. It’s funny, charming, and a great little forging story.

  40.   psinno Says:

    Kinda surprised Thor isn’t out in the US yet. I liked it but there were a few things that seriously annoyed me about it.

  41.   Chris Wellman Says:

    The one thing I’ve always liked about Thor is the takes on Norse mythology. If you’re someone that’s into that sorta thing, you would likely enjoy Thor. I can understand the guy’s reactions of course. But overall this story is really a build up for Dark Reign and Siege, which sees Asgard fall.

  42.   tbonewilson Says:

    I wish they wouldn’t bother reviewing comic books. iFanboy is all that’s necessary, and Alex and Dan obviously couldn’t give a shit about almost all of the comics.

    There are so many amazing films, tv series and games they could be reviewing instead!

  43.   Topher York Says:

    I’m surprised no mention of star wars day. May the 4th be with you.

  44.   samir ababsa Says:

    their all getting too hung up about the god thing. they can die moron

  45.   Eni Molnár Says:

    2st post :) juhuuuuuuu :D  ohh GoD :) have a good day!

  46.   Yaniv8787 Says:

    1st! :D 

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